RD: How do I make a copy of last year's event page?

Simply go to last year's event dashboard (<yourcustomURL>) and follow these steps:

1) Edit your custom URL to something new, so that you can use last year's URL this year. We suggest appending the year to it, ie supersunday2018.


2) On the left-hand side, click “Copy Event”.
Alternatively, you can click on the “Event Setup” tab and click “Copy Event”.
3) Update the name (remove "Copy") and enter the new date(s)

4) Click "Copy Event" and you'll be redirected to the new event dashboard, where you can add the custom URL which you used last year.

All event information, sub-events, custom questions, merchandise, page content and disclaimer language are copied over to the new event.

Once you update anything which has changed for this year, you're ready to open registration.



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