RD: How do we add team registration to our event?

Our team registration feature allows team captains to add an image, description and link to their team roster page for your event. Team members use this page to recruit runners to the event at no additional cost to you. When an event includes teams, we display a "Top Teams" widget on the event page which shows the top teams ranked by size. Team registration adds a competitive element to the registration process which gets more people talking about your event, and more participants signing up to race!

You will need one "Team Captain" sub-event and one "Individual Entry" sub-event. Go to Event Setup > Sub-Events to modify an existing sub-event, or create new sub-events by clicking "Add Races." 

First, you'll create the "Team Captain" sub-event, which create the team. Select the type of event, enter the name (we suggest including "Team Captain"), start time, prizes, and entry fee. In the Team Information section, select "Team Captain," disregard the team size fields, and specify the team type (most events use "mixed co-ed" only.)

Next, you'll create the "Individual Entry" sub-event, which is used to select a team (or choose "-- no team affiliation --" for anyone not joining a team.) Select the type of event, enter the name (we suggest including "Individual Entry"), start time, prizes, and entry fee. In the Team Information section, select "Allow Team Selection," and disregard the team size fields. When you click "OK" to submit, we automatically add the "-- no team affiliation --" option to the registration form for this sub-event.

You should now have two sub-events to choose from when registering for your race: one "Team Captain" and one "Individual Entry." When someone registers for the "Team Captain" sub-event, they're prompted to enter a team name. When someone registers for the "Individual Entry" sub-event, they're prompted to select a team from a list of all teams created for the event via the "Team Captain" sub-event form.

As teams are created, they will automatically be added to the registration form. Your event page will display the top teams ranked by number of participants. Clicking "View All Event Teams" displays all team in the event ranked by size, as well as the team captain's name. Clicking on any team takes you to their team page which displays all members of the team. The team captain ca customize their team page with a photo and description of the team, along with a URL to their website.

We encourage event organizers to offer a prize for the largest team. Doing so incentivizes team members to promote your event with hopes of seeing their team listed at the top of the leaderboard. Offering a prize to the fastest team also helps grow team participation. Ask your timing crew to include team results based on the cumulative time of the fastest team members. RaceMenu's timing crew usually scores teams under one of the following three scenarios:

  1. Three runners: top male, top female, next fastest (either gender.)
  2. Five runners: top male, top female, next three fastest (either gender.)
  3. Six runners: top three males, top three females.


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