How do referral promotions work?

Referral promotions are a great tool for rewarding people who've helped grow event by referring others to participate. Whenever someone registers for an event on RaceMenu, they receive a Sharelink, which is a short URL to use when inviting others into the event. When someone else clicks on that Sharelink and registers, they are considered a "referral" and the person whose Sharelink they clicked on is considered the "influencer." 

When an event organizer creates a referral promotion in RaceMenu (under Event Setup), an email is sent to influencers each time someone registers via their Sharelink, notifying them of how many more referrals they need to earn a reward. The emails encourage influencers to continue inviting others via their Sharelink, thus growing the event. An event organizer can create up to three reward levels for a referral promotion. For example, 

  • Receive a free race hat with one referral
  • Receive a free race tshirt with three referrals
  • Receive a refund of your entry fee with five referrals

Once a referral promotion has been created, an event organizer can activate it for any or all sub-events, or modify it, via the management screen. In the example shown below, there are two referral promotions, "Promotion 1" running 4/15 to 4/30 with just one reward level, and "Promotion 2" running 5/1 to 6/30 with three reward levels. The first two sub-events ("Individual Entry" and "Team Captain") have Promotion 1 active, while the third sub-event ("Women's 5K") has Promotion 2 active.

When an influencer has the required number of referrals to earn a reward, they are sent a "Referral Reward Achieved" email congratulating them of the reward. If the promotion has more than one reward level, the emails also informs them of the next level reward they can achieve. A copy of the "Referral Reward Achieved" email is sent to the event organizer, who is responsible for any fulfillment of the rewards.

Many event organizers offer a partial or complete refund of the entry fee as a reward level. Note that the refunds are not automatic and must be initiated by the event organizer via the event dashboard. 




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