RD: How do I close my event?

You can close individual races or your entire event.

  1. To close out registration for the entire event login into your event and click on the blue manage button.5.PNG

  2. From there you will see your events homepage.  Click on the open toggle button to close your event.race_1.PNGrace_2.PNG

    3. Closing out your individual raceA look at the top of the page and you will see a menu with different tabs.  Please click on the Sub-Events tab and then click All Sub-Events tab


    4.Once on the All Sub-Events tab, you will see a status box with a toggle button. Click the toggle button and it will give you the option to click on it.  Once you click on the button, it will set it to close/open. 7.PNG

  1. Click the button from open to close and you are done.8.PNG


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