Help - my debit/credit card was declined!

If your debit/credit card was declined and you're getting a message that your "street address does not match," please ask yourself "Have I moved within the last 6 months?" and contact your card issuer.   We realize how frustrating this is but it's the bank who's declining your transaction.  Unfortunately, a "pending authorization" charge may appear on your debit/credit account each time you submit a charge request, even if the charge was declined.  All "pending authorization" charges will clear according to your card issuer's schedule.  However, we have not received any payment, can not reverse the authorizations and unfortunately do not have any further information - we pass along the exact response we get from the payment processor.  Sorry!

People that have been in a similar situation that you are in were able to resolve it a few different ways:

1. contacted their card issuer for help 
2. used previous address (since they moved within last 6 months or so and hadn't changed billing info) 
3. used an alternate card 
4. had a friend sign them up


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