Help - I can't log my run for the May Challenge!

Please note, RaceMenu and Raceday are separate web applications. 
You register for May Challenge at, but runs are logged via the RunLog tool in our Raceday app.
There's a web version of Raceday, as well as a brand new iOS version for iPhone/iPad users.
Raceday-web can be access via any web browser at
If you're using an iOS device, you can download the new Raceday app from the App Store.
If you have an older version of the Raceday app, you'll need to update to iOS v2.0.1 or later.

   Download Raceday on the App Store

If you are unable to log into Raceday, or do not see a May Challenge entry on the RunLog tab, here are the most common problems and solutions:

Problem: You are registered via someone else's account.
You will not see your May Challenge entry when logged into Raceday until your registration is transferred to your own RaceMenu account.
The easiest thing to do is log into Raceday with the account information of the person who registered you for the May Challenge, or have them log your mileage. If you want to log mileage yourself, the person who registered you for the May Challenge entry needs to request that the entry be transferred to your account. If you do not have a RaceMenu account, you can create one in about 15 seconds. Once created, the person who originally registered and paid for you should email with the following information:
  1. Name and email address associated with the original account used to register and pay for your May Challenge entry
  2. Name of entry to transfer (your name)
  3. Email address associated with your RaceMenu account receiving the transferred entry (if you log into RaceMenu via Facebook, provide the email used to log into Facebook) 


Problem: You have multiple accounts on RaceMenu.
You registered for the May Warrior Challenge with one account, then logged into Raceday with a different (new or pre-existing) account. This is especially common for people who have a RaceMenu account via via Facebook or Twitter, but also have a RaceMenu account with an email address.

Log into Raceday with the same account you used when registering on RaceMenu. Not sure? Log into RaceMenu, click on MyRM, and look at your list of events:

If May Challenge is listed on, note your account number listed next to your name in the upper left corner of that tab. When logged into Raceday, that same account number should appear on the settings tab. If the numbers do not match, you're logged into the wrong Raceday account.

If May Challenge is not listed on, you're logged into the wrong RaceMenu account. Check your inbox for the confirmation email you received when registering for the May Challenge, or email with your name, DOB, and how you're logging into Raceday. (Facebook, or email/password)
Problem: When trying to log into Raceday via Facebook, you get an error "We're sorry, something went wrong."

You have two accounts which need to be merged. For some early (pre-2011) users of RaceMenu, you may have two accounts associated with the same email address if you logged in via Facebook Connect back before Facebook began sharing email addresses. If you already had an account on RaceMenu via the same email address you used on Facebook, you basically had two RaceMenu accounts associated with that email address the moment you logged into RaceMenu via Facebook. Since Facebook now shares your email address, this creates an authentication problem when logging into RaceMenu. To fix this, we simply merge the two accounts and the problem is solved.
Problem: You signed up as an Individual & now want to join a team.
You registered for the May Warrior Challenge as an individual, but found out your friends are participating together on a team.

Email requesting that your entry be added to the team. 


Problem: You try to submit your mileage via Raceday-web and nothing happens.


We have just identified an issue with the following browsers on desktop computers: Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.

At this time, Google's Chrome browser seems to be working really well.

Our development team is furiously working on this issue. We should have an update by the end of the day (Wednesday). 



Problem: You login and see a Running Man with a big scary X over him.

This image does not necessarily mean that you are out of the competition.  This image is to alert you that there is a missing entry for one of the days.  If that missing entry is within the 4 day grace period, then you have nothing to worry about.  Simply add the log entry for that day and your medal status will be returned to normal.  
If, however, you missed a day during the challenge and it is outside of that 4 day window, this is the saddest image of them all.

Problem: Where is my shirt?

As the shirt contains the name of every May Challenge Finisher, they will be mailed out after the completion of the May Challenge.
Still having trouble?
If none of these problems apply or none of these solutions fix your problem, please submit a support ticket (click the "Support" tab on RaceMenu or email explaining the problem. 


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